About Us

Brenhert Investment Limited (BIL) is a leading green energy solution provider offering affordable products to all clusters of clients.

Our solutions include end to end service provision in the following areas but not limited to home lighting, water heaters, security lighting and irrigation plan.

Our clients are from diverse background ranging from home users, to SME, manufacturing; hotels; institutions such as schools; corporate offices and many others.

Our team is combined of experienced experts in green energy solutions who are well trained and have sufficient years of experience in handling green energy solutions across the array of clients

Our Vision

Is to be a global organization that positively impacts peoples’ lives in offering affordable green energy solutions

Our Mission

We transform people’s lives by creating sustainable solutions beyond green energy;(Reneable Engery) we seek to solve stake holders problems with solutions that impact them positively

Our Values

Passionate: We carry our business each day with passion to ensure that our teams are Continuously excited to work here

Innovative: We employ innovative and sustainable approaches in all our projects

Client Value: We value one another and uphold Godliness in the way we act and treat each other.

Partnership: We seek partnership with strategic organizations with an aim of transforming lives while delivering value for our stake holders.

Our Purpose

The Brenhert Family will be creating sustainable solutions that transforms lives at an affordable cost